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With a Decreasing Buget, is Our Military Big Enough??

So far on this blog, I’ve talked about the strength of the U.S military, it’s expansive budget, and how other countries stack up against the United States. Today, I’d like to discuss whether our military is at sufficient capacity to handle the increasing number of conflicts that we enter in to. A recent opinion article on Fox News made some interesting points about our recent budget cuts.

The Number to Keep in Mind is 25%

As the article points out, the U.S military budget has decreased by 25% since 2011. ¬†25%!! That is quite a significant cut!! When the government makes that much of a cut to our military’s personnel, equipment, and training, one has to wonder if our military is as strong and capable as it should be in this increasingly unstable world we live in? Now, I’m sure with a budget as large as ours, there is some fat to trim, but 25%!!! ¬†That seems like a bit much.

Add to that problem that our greatest threats in the world, Russia & China, are getting stronger at the very same time we are become weaker. This is not a good recipe!!

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